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Your personalized Brainiac Box will be sent to you every month, with targeted supplements of your choice – designed to promote your specific health goals.

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Discover the difference you can enjoy with physician-formulated, condition-specific, premium nutraceuticals. Find out how Brainiac Supplements can help you, today.

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What Is

The Brainiac Box?

It’s more than a just a box. It’s an all-in-one nutritional supplement package.

Pick Your Nutraceuticals

Choose from a variety of nutraceuticals designed for nutritional health support. Ranging from optimizing blood sugar, arthritis, and brain health.

Choose Your Frequency

Once you’ve built your supplement box, choose how often you would like your nutraceuticals delivers. We currently offer monthly, quarterly subscriptions.

We Deliver Your Box

Once your order is placed, we deliver your Brainiac Box within 5-7 business days. You’ll start receiving your box based on your delivery frequency, right to your door.

Natural Supplements

Nutritional support that can optimize blood sugar, promote joint health, enhance cognitive performance and more. All researched, developed, and designed by a dedicated, experienced medical doctor. Pharmaceutical-grade quality, guaranteed.

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